Rand Paul’s Problem is Rand Paul

Finally, Kentucky Republicans got some good news yesterday: Republican Senate nominee cancelled his appearance on “Meet the Press.”

Which is the only way he could avoid getting into more hot water. Because, as Rand has already proven several times, every time he opens his mouth he sticks his foot in it – big time!

First, several interviews in which he raised questions about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, said he wasn’t even sure he would have voted for it, and still endorses letting private businesses discriminate based on race.

Then, calling President Obama “un-American” for being so tough on BP after the Gulf Oil spill – when most Americans think Obama’s not being tough enough!

Things got so bad that Karl Rove called Dr. Paul to tell him he’d better stop flapping his gums. And even national Republican Michael Steele refused to defend him.

Rand Paul’s only defender, in fact, is nutty Sarah Palin – who accused Rachel Maddow of ambushing him with a trick question. How Nixonian of her, blaming the media.

But, in fact, Paul had already told two other interviewers he could not support the Civil Rights Act before he repeated it on MSNBC.

Rand Paul’s problem is not biased journalists. It’s his own stupidity.

That’s my parting shot for today.

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  1. Greeting’s Bill
    did you see how strained John Cornnen [R-Tx] was yesterday on meet the press, trying to defend Rand Paul?,for some reason, i winced at all his reason’s(excuses)
    j,donald st,pete ,fl….

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