TOXIC TALK: How The Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves

Bill discusses Toxic Talk at his book party at Media Matters for America

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Bill discusses Toxic Talk on The Ed Show on MSNBC

A timely cannon blast at the right-wing media machine and how it subverts the principles of democratic representation.

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50 Responses to TOXIC TALK: How The Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves

  1. Bill– Talk to Mike Papantonio!! He explains how they handled an oil spill like this by having all of the available oil tankers in the world to go to the spill and start sucking the oil out of the water. He explains that there is NO technology that will STOP the oil; we have to concentrate on getting it out of the water!!

    Also, heard an individual call into Progressive radio who used to work for an oil company. He said if they really wanted to STOP the oil, they could have done it right away, esp. with the “junk shot”. But they DON”T want to because they would NEVER get access to that oil again. We would NEVER permit them back into the pipeline to start drilling again. They are trying to figure out a way to continue to COLLECT the oil, the “top hat” for example was a “collection” solution. But if they convince us that the only way they can “stop” the flow is to drill another well, they will continue to have access to the $$$, I mean, the oil!!! It makes PERFECT sense!

  2. Bill:

    The problem is Bill is a back-bench talent who never has been able t generate ratings. His rage is based on jealousy. The market has decided long ago, Air America and other radical Left talk shows don’t have the support which is necessary to sustain revenue and ratings.

  3. Bill–

    After watching the outrage expressed by Mike Papantonio, I identified with his rage. The Obama Administration and the President are intellectualizing this problem, sitting around trying to figure out a solution, and in the meantime the mess continues to spill!!! Mike P and I are ACTORS … we get after it! Just start cleaning it up!! It’s like the kids knocking the gallon of milk on the countertop and standing there watching because they can’t reach the counter to pick it up, but instead of grabbing rag and trying to block it from going under the fridge and the stove and leaking down into the heating vent, they just stand there talking to each other, trying to figure out what they are going to do when it stops and mommy finds it!!!!!!!! Grow up!! In the meantime, you have to mitigate the damages! Are we, the lawyers, the only ones who think of mitigation? The consequence in the law of not mitigating the damages is bigger monetary rewards and, sometimes, punitive damages!

  4. […] Press, author of Toxic Talk, joins the 3rd hour of Today’s show to discuss reports showing BP had warning signs before […]

  5. Brother, has Bill Press ever seen Keith Overbites, Countdown to No Ratings show, or Rachle Madcow, talk about hate and lies…..The left, as the former communist regimes did, spread mis information.

    Bill, try writing non fiction.

  6. I am looking forward to getting my copy of Toxic Talk coming to me in the mail. I really enjoy your radio show every morning Bill – Have a terrific book tour.

  7. “Matt Drudge should be hung by his entrails…Bush administration members should be waterboarded and then drowned…the founder of the Blogs For website should get the crap kicked out of him…Sarah Palin is a whore…I have violent fantasies about Dana Perrino…I have violent fantasies about Sean Hannity…”

    Those are all quotes from left-wing hate-spewing talk show host Mike Malloy. Guess what, folks? Press has called Mike Malloy “a warrior” and said that Malloy’s show is “a hell of a good time”.

    Press also has high praise for Randi Rhodes, the talker who once said that President Bush should taken out on a fishing boat and shot just like Fredo in “The Godfather, Part II”.

    Regarding your credibility, Bill: Can you say “goose egg”?

  8. Oops. Meant to say “…the founder of the Blogs For Bush website should get the crap kicked out of him…” – Mike Malloy

  9. Sozi Bill,

    I listened to your show for about 3 minutes this morning. From the moment I heard you and your guest start talking, all I heard was the “hate” talk, “radical/racist” conservatives, and that awful phrase “tea baggers”. It made me sick. For someone who claims that the right only spreads hate talk, you as a lefty do a mighty fine job yourself!

    I PROUDLY served in West Berlin for 6 years during the Cold War, and I KNOW what socialism (communism was still an “ideal”) was like. I went to East Berlin many times, went into the nearly empty shops and stores, and bought various items. Nobody trusted anyone over there. I also vividly remember having to give SOVIET soldiers my flag orders in order to drive THROUGH East Germany to get to West Germany, knowing how ENVIOUS they were of ME, a buck sergeant in the Air Force, tooling around in a BMW (old as it was).

    I heard the socialist propaganda from the East on a daily basis. Just as with your show, the propaganda had just enough “truth” in it to make the listener think for a moment. Shows about poverty/murder/disease in the USA (also “Western Europe”), were quite common, and always very distorted. In reality this “truth” was just propaganda aimed to make the West look bad, and to appease the local populace, who were fighting their own battles with these same types of problems.

    You will never understand or agree with what we conservatives want. I have given up trying to get you progressives (read “socialists”) to see the light. Our goal is to simply go out and tell others the TRUTH. Let them make up their minds for themselves.

    But…oh yeah, I forgot…you don’t think that we ordinary slobs are capable of making decisions for ourselves – primary reason for that being that we’d run you out of town on a rail!!

    I agree with Scott. Your credibility is nil.

  10. For all of you bashing Bill Press…you haven’t a leg to stand on…

    Sure, I used to listen to Mike Malloy when he was on in our area, and I must admit he started to make me too uncomfortable…

    But Bill Press is nothing like Malloy…I listen to him ALL the time, as well as Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow…(nice try on attempt to smear those broadcasters names-above)…but you can’t out-do Lush Limpaw and Bucky Becky…now can ya? And don’t forget Scara Cuda, the biggest liar and foulest mouth hypocrite on the Earth.

    Bill Press is so much better than your Lushy and Bucky…those two make me want to vomit, so I don’t watch them or listen to them…only what they show on television for all of us to see their absurdity…

    I’m sure your remarks don’t hurt Bill Press…

    I must ask…why does the name “Teabagger” offend thee? LOL LOL LOL!

  11. “Bill Press is nothing like Malloy…”

    You obviously didn’t read my post. I pointed out that Press sings high praise for Malloy in his book, saying his show is “a hell of a good time…”

    “Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann…”

    Schultz once said that “somebody should rip Dick Cheney’s heart out, stomp on it, then stick it back into his chest”. He also screamed bloody murder at a Tea Party protestor before hanging up on him. Olbermann called Michelle Malkin “a mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it”. And it is well-known that Olbermann runs away and hides when any conservative challenges him to a debate.

  12. Excellent book! I travel around the country and I am amazed at the limited channels but they are all FOX !

    The toxic talk is very distructive and I am astounded at the attitudes by most people who have a hate bias. The caustic environment fueled by the Bush administration: Loss of 401Ks, firings, financial meltdowns, oil spills, and general hate talks by the identified right wing talk shows feed and fuel the hate.

    We need solutions and to pull together as one nation. We should be very thankful that Obama was elected which is a big hint that the country is on the proper track to fix the ills created by criminal white collar corps and businesses.

  13. @AL2

    Since you find deviant homosexual language amusing, it is obvious, you are no “lady”. Therefore, I’ll feel free to use my own disgusting bodily expression and suggest that you not “get your teats in a wringer” that the majority of the American people don’t buy what the left is selling.

  14. Bill said that it was “inbalance” 10 hrs for every 1 hr. The idea was that they are “mean spirited”. Rand Paul with the oil spill…it was not that there was a disagreement, but that Rand Paul made a personal attack by calling Obama “UN-american”

    Neither side should be name calling or branding just to score political points or to get more popular. This is what Bill is really pointing out and Rush and Glen have gotten way off balance. Keith is as bad.

    The question is, why do we as individuals follow those who make fun of others…it certainly isn’t the Christian thing to do. Do we check out the facts of what is said or stand behind the school yard bully? So many are brainwashed to think its “cool” to be bad and “boring” to be good, yet we expect those with power or our loved ones to be honest and good. Double standard.

    Communism idea started in 1835, not the cold war. Capitalism in reality isn’t perfect, it lets a few in big business/power buy off lawyers, govt and people to control the economy and the great depression and recent depression from deregulation.

  15. I would love to read your books, but have promised my husband n omore books in the house. All new books have to be e-books, I am out of space in my house! Consider this. Thank You

  16. The Imam Glenn Beck of the GOP Jihad shows himself and his “movement” to be white supremecists. Why else pick Martin Luther King day at the Lincoln Memoial?

    Well, there is one other reason. He’s going to have a new book to sell. This is just a book event.. the same as a book signing at Tower Record in NY. The Imam Beck is selling books. We, the taxpayers of America, have to support his book event now. Congress should revoke the permit.

    BUT.. if the Park Service or Congress does that, the GOP Jihad will claim “That’s because THEY’RE trying to silence us.” BUT since it’s a no win situation for the good guys, they should go ahead and revoke the permit anyway. Nuts to the GOP Jihad.

  17. Well, since Dick Cheney doesn’t have a heart, how can anyone stomp on it? Your point is moot.

  18. And who could forget His Rushness mocking a teenage Chelsea Clinton about her looks? His this imbecile never looked in a mirror? Children should be off-limits, regardless of how much you despise their parents. Oh, and by the way,Limbaugh wife number 4 is supposedly 33? She looks fifty, if a day. Four marriages. Love me those family values!

  19. At least the Right does not use hate-filled verbage, unless you left wing Markists, progressive, communists, think that being called communist, markist, progressive is hate filled. Your racism is the worst kind, doing whatever is necessary to keep the poor, poor. On welfare and dependent on the GOV and my TAX Dollars. Who knows what they might bring to the table if many of these people were forced off welfare, and encouraged to take part in the free-enterprise system.

    Maybe you should live in a “real” socialist country for a few years and then post your pathetic blogs.

  20. Just read all the posts. It’s very disturbing to know that folks who back a book called Toxic Talk, use that type of language and those references. Talk about toxic!

  21. Bill, You are just jealous of successful radio talk show hosts like Rush, Beck and Hannity. You will be lucky to sell 5% of the books they sell. Try being honest. The left is losing it. They are the poison, the hate mongers. I guess all you got is trying to shut down right wing talk radio cause they are kicking your sorry butt. Can not wait to vote against the left in the fall. I am sure that you will be calling us conservatives racists and sexist because we do not support your incompetent leaders on the left like Pelosi and Obama. And we are not anti homosexuals because we disagree with you. Write something new. Your hateful spew is getting old.

  22. @ John. I know what you mean. It is the same kind of fear that I have in my heart when listening to the toxic talk of Sister $arah and Nazi Glenn Beck!

  23. Step away from the bong, Maggie. Glenn Beck is not a Nazi. And the true toxic talk comes from people like Mike Malloy and Randi “Kill Bush” Rhodes.

  24. For every Mike Malloy, who, it is true, is a very VOCAL, and sometimes quite radical defender of Liberalism, there are probably dozens of conservative talk show hosts who do the same thing for their side, and even more vociferously. Someone just said that liberal talk-show hosts are the poison, the hate mongers? When they have Rush, and Glenn, and Hannity, and Savage out there on thousands of outlets spewing hate and fear on a daily basis? They’re only kicking liberal talk radio’s butt when they have no competition in that market. When up against a conservative talker, liberals will hold their own, and even out rate their competition, given the chance. But, the owners of these radio outlets have their own agenda, and that’s big business, their bottom line. They could care less about you or me or the average citizen as long as they get their profit. They’ll program all those hate talkers on as many stations as they can because I guess hate sells, and they have really taken over the minds of people in this country. If people are mad and scared then they’ll vote in those who will keep big business in power, even if it’s voting againt their best interests. I know, my mother lives in the south, where I am from, and unfortunately this California born democrat has now been taken over by the hate mongers she listens to 24-7 on the radio and we can’t even have an intelligent conversation about politics any more. It broke my heart to learn that she voted for GW in both elections, and probably John McCain the the last. I didn’t want to know. In some areas of the US you can get Rush, Beck, et al on several stations AT THE SAME TIME, with no other alternative! We aren’t just a conservative nation, there are people who live here with other political views, religious views, family values, different lifestyles, and we shouldn’t be forced to listen to only one viewpoint, and that is the point of Bill Press’s book. Remember, this is how the Nazi regime in Germany was able to convince a whole nation of their people that what they were doing to the Jews and others who they deemed “undesirable” was justifiable. Is this what we want our country to stand for? The conservative party wants us to be afraid, wants us to be ignorant, wants us to be a divided nation. Their policies have gotten us where we are now–the rich have gotten richer and the poor are growing exponentially. The middle class is shrinking faster and faster, and is in real danger of becoming extinct. It was the middle class that built this nation, and when it goes, we will no longer be a democracy, it will be a fascist nation, ruled by Corporations. This isn’t what I want for my country, and I refuse to stand back and let the hate-talkers try and take over my life. As Americans we all have more in common than what we don’t. We all want a good job to support our families that we love, we want to protect our environment, we want our children to get a good education, we want to be good neighbors, we want to treat people the way we want to be treated, we want our nation to once again be respected for the great nation that it is. Is it so hard to for us to do that? Now, for any of you on this forum who may want to respond to my comment with insults or obscenities, please take note that I have been respectful with my words and I would appreciate the same back. Too bad our talk show hosts (on both sides of the political spectrum) can’t do the same.

  25. “…who may want to respond with insults and obscenities…”

    I respond with facts and quotes. And as a refresher course, these are Malloy quotes: “Matt Drudge should be hung by his entrails…the founder of the Blogs For Bush website should get the crap kicked out of him…Bush administration members should be water-boarded and then drowned…Sarah Palin is a whore…Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly should all kill themselves…”

    And you call him “a quite radical defender of liberalism”??? I know of NO liberals who wish death on their political opponents. What Malloy spews out is evil. Flat-out wicked and evil. And Bill Press gives Malloy high praise in his book. He has no credibility.

  26. “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
    Mark Twain

    Bill Press has removed all doubts

  27. Hooray for the lady who speaks common sense…Joellyn, you rock! I
    thoroughly agree with your comments. I have heard Mike Malloy just a few times, and personally, I do think he is a bit over the top in some of his comments, but certainly no worse then things I have sometimes heard on right radio (I do not as a rule now listen, but have in the past just to hear what they are saying in comparison)–now that is a lot of bunk. Most of left radio and television, though far from the overwhelming number compared to the right, not only spews hate, but gives the “talking points” over and over again. If you listen only to that, I can understand who some believe, even though much of the comments are not based in fact. I totally agree with your point about the heavy emphasis on the right due to the de-regulation in radio/tv ownership and the fact that most of these owners are ultra conservatives (just look at Murdock, for instance, who is in complete control of many and a diehard conservative and
    of course obviously so “big business” proponent. It is so true that
    the US democracy has been slowly eroding of late into a facist trending politic where money is the driving force, not well-being.
    It is a sad state of affairs which I will leave to my children when
    I pass on. I am truly ashamed that this type of philosophy has taken such a hold on our daily lives, our politics, and even our religion.

  28. Keep up the good work, Bill. You are one of the few voices of sanity on the radio in the USA. I wish we could pick you up on conventional radio here in Canada.


    Stephen Gillies

  29. Let’s destroy those right wing bastards! They speak the truth and it hurts our progressive agenda!!

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