Special Announcement for SiriusXM Listeners

The Bill Press Show is now heard on a new liberal talk channel, SiriusXM 127, from 6-7 AM ET. This is a combination of Sirius Left 146 and XM America Left 167, which no longer exist separately.

We’ll continue to broadcast our entire 3 hour show to all our affiliates and live here at billpressshow.com. To hear the show in its entirety, purchase a podcast subscription! You can download the show automatically and listen at your convenience on your computer, mp3 player, or smartphone. The podcasts are commercial free – plus, you’ll hear exclusive interviews and content that are only available to podcast subscribers.

Don’t miss the great interviews and content you hear in the second and third hours of our program every day…

Get your podcast subscription here!

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  1. …. and by the way the only reason I listen to him and this is very rare but when a caller makes some opposing comment he Bennett will often get very loud and I think very obnoxious talking over the caller then later claiming that he couldn’t get a word in edgewise but then after the call and I mean this is sooooo obnoxious he will often go to his sidekick and ask him arn’t I right Alex???who is his sidekick who often is silent for long periods although I consider him intelligent but isn’t this radio? as Alex oftens seems not to be paying attention TO HIS OWN SHOW… I mean I pay for this stufff and there has to be better than this out there!!!!

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