A Year To Go, To Obama’s Reelection

Here we are, 365 days and counting. Yesterday, Sunday, was exactly one year before the big vote in November 2012.

And everywhere you turn the voices of gloom and doom and booming: It’s an uphill road for Barack Obama. No president in memory has faced a more impossible task of winning reelection. In fact, Obama is already toast. There is no way he will win a second term.

To which I say: NONSENSE!! This is NUTS!!

First off, a year is an eternity in politics. We don’t know, a year from now, what the issues will be, what will be happening on the economy or in the Middle East, and – most importantly, we don’t know who the Republican candidate will be.

Sure, Obama may be vulnerable. Every incumbent for every office is. But Republicans can’t beat him with nobody. And, so far, there are only a bunch of clowns running for the Republican nomination. And Mitt Romney, their most serious candidate, is the most boring man on the planet.

And besides, the election of 2012 will not be a referendum on Obama. It will be a choice for the American people: a choice between going forward with Obama or going backward with the GOP.

That’s why I’m convinced: not only CAN Barack Obama win reelection, he WILL win reelection.

That’s my parting shot for today.

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  1. I pray you are right. The repubs have been crystal clear about destroying Social Security and Medicare. I just can’t see millions of Baby Boomers voting to cut their own throats.

  2. i await the guy with a thousand right-wing accounts to compare this to when you thought the dems would win in 2010 when they didn’t.

    well it’s been a year now and what exactly have the new republicans in the house of reps done? oh, just turn down job bills that will do good for the economy in favor of stupid crap like keeping “in god we trust” on the money.

    we’re onto your game, republicans. and there are more of us than you think!

  3. Sure will stay tuned to YOU because I WANT to BELIEVE that you are correct! Can’t imagine any of the GOP ‘clowns” doing a better job – even if Mr Boehner is stll the House so-call “leader”…

    Robin in Magnolia

  4. Cathy, How sad that you believe the scare tactics put out by the Democrats without doing your own research. Please, name we one Republican that is AGAINST social security and medicare. You won’t be able to do it because one doesn’t exist. The Republicans are not trying to do away with these programs, instead they’re taking on the responsibility of trying to find ways to financially sustain these programs for us and future generations. Believe me, when you start receiving your SS/Medicare benifits, it will be a Republican you will be thanking, not a Democrat.

  5. Please, Superdude, enlighten us as to what the Democratic-controlled Senate has done this past year? Anything? Anything? Obama can’t even get his fellow Democrats to back his latest stimulus package. When you have a Democratic president that can’t work with a Democratic Senate there should be big-time worning bells going off in your head as far as what they’re going to be able to accomplish.

  6. the senate CAN’T do anything because the republican minority keeps filibustering and voting things down. the two democrats who always vote with the republicans aren’t helping matters either, of course.

    but what about your republican-controlled house? they’re even worse, in fact congress’s approval rating is at an all time low ever since the house got republican control! GEE, I WONDER WHY.

    oh but god forbid we not have “in god we trust” on our money anymore. no that’s WAY more important than all that other trivial stuff like jobs and infrastructure bills that get americans back to work.

    too bad so sad teabaggers, your time in power is over. there is not a single republican candidate who is in touch with the people. looks like your little plan to make obama a one-term president (which if i recall correctly is the “single most important thing” according to mitch mcconnell) is gonna backfire badly. we will fix what you refuse to in 2012.

  7. by the way kwms, i see you clearly weren’t listening when rick perry called social security a “ponzi scheme.” and what about the many signs at tea party rallies saying stuff along the lines of “get your government hands off my medicare?” how about you name ONE republican who SUPPORTS social security or medicare? even fox news will tell you they don’t exist!

  8. Superdude, you are so misguided my first inclination was not to even bother with a response but I really did want to point out a few things: 1) How about Harry Reid blocking votes in the Senate, maybe that has something to do with a do-nothing Senate. 2) And what was that approval rating of the House when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker? Pretty sure it was about the same as today. 3) Please look up the definition of “ponzi scheme” and whether you like it or not, you will see that is what Social Security is. You totally missed Rick Perry’s point so work on that. No politician, Republicans included, is ever going to take away seniors’ entitlement programs, you are just falling for the same old Democratic scare tactics.

  9. didn’t rick perry want texas to be able to opt out of social security? didn’t he say himself that social security and medicare are unconstitutional? didn’t he have this to say in a newsweek interview?

    “I don’t think our founding fathers when they were putting the term “general welfare” in there were thinking about a federally operated program of pensions nor a federally operated program of health care. What they clearly said was that those were issues that the states need to address. Not the federal government. I stand very clear on that.”

    he said it himself! it’s on the record!

    or was that a scare tactic by the other side too?

    speaking of which you have a lot of nerve accusing democrats of scare tactics. i suppose in the fantasy world you live in republicans don’t do that either, right?

  10. one more thing. that stuff about privatizing social security that bush jr. tried to do when he was president. no, totally not a democrat’s scare tactic, nope, not at all!

  11. The republicans are not against SS and Medicare, they are only against you having any of it. We keep falling for their bs like it was written in heaven. Same thing they always say, “they want to streamline it and make it more efficient.” All for you sonny boy.So the future children of the nation can have a better life. oh Wait, not your kids….theirs.If they can get in there to FIX Medicare and SS that would be ideal.Close all the offices, fire everyone but a core group, drop half off the rolls,give the remaining a raise in benefits, give its CEO a 3billion raise, and voila! a new effecient Combined SS and Medicare operating at half the cost and all profit.

  12. Obama who is he, he appears to of just appeared out of nowhere with a silver tongue full of promises , Obama, where are you getting billion dollar. backing, he is planning to buy his second term or some groups are or both. Obama going after young people an ignorant adults and teens. Obama I believe is fulfilling an Agenda from big money supporters from where, islamic supporters, atheists, gay rights activists, other countries desiring etc. They are lusting after our rich fertile land and power this country has. We are on the threshold of losing our freedom, rights and nation to minority’s who are wanting what people have worked all there lives to obtain, illegal’s who want the same rights as legal you and I have, a vote for Obama will be the beginning of the end of America. There is a road that seems right but the end is filled with death and destruction. I will not vote for a person I know not his true past or someone so secretive. I will not vote for someone who will acquire hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a second term, that’s not how Abraham Lincoln got elected. We know who and what where lincoln was and lived as a baby and young man, he was a true American, no big secrete, he was a President like no other. You maybe a Democrat but you don’t have to be stupid and vote for him Penn, Ohio, Iowa, California, etc. Its time change the Obama change of high unemployment and poor shaky economy. Come on America don’t be smooth talked by oh silver tongue in 2012.

  13. Back in 1992 President George H.W. Bush along with 177 world leaders agreed to support a UN backed global plan for “Sustainable Development”. Then in 1995, President Clinton signed Executive order (EO) #12858. This country USA is a Republic and if you don’t know that means look it up. I think Obama has the mind set he will do what HE thinks is best for this country and to heck with what the Republic wants. Obama is now bragging on how he saved this country from a depression, I got Obama Bin Laden the muslim terrorist, I, I, I, I, did this and that look at me I, I, deserve to be reelected. He never admits he failed at anything, of course he is a Divine. We have an economy that is sick, sicker now than when George Bush was President. Obama has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy and has giving billions that can’t be found, who got it, creative accounting. Who got Obama’s Stash???!!! Guess who got it, not the cream filling.

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