Tim Tebow Trivializes Religion

Jesus said a lot of strong things. But one of the strongest things he ever said was: When you pray, don’t be like those hypocrites who like to stand on a street corner and pray, so everybody can see them.

Somebody ought to tell that to Tim Tebow.

Broncos quarterback Tebow’s not only a Christian. He wants everybody to know he’s a Christian. He brags about it, constantly. He wears Bible verses on his face. He kneels in prayer after every touchdown. And he thanks his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for every win.

There’s only one thing wrong with that. By dragging God into every football game, Tebow makes a mockery of Christianity – and trivializes religion. The truth is, God doesn’t care who wins an election, a bingo game, or a football game. Sorry, Tebow, Jesus is not a Broncos fan.

Now, if you’re one of the silly millions of Americans who loves Tebow’s in-your-face kind of Christianity, consider this. What if he were a devout Muslim, who bowed to Mecca after every touchdown and shouted “Allahu Akbar?”

Somehow, I don’t think we’d be celebrating him as a national hero.

That’s my parting shot for today.

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  1. I agree with what Bill says about Tebow being a show-off Christian. He is correct about what Jesus said. Also, it is logical that God would not take sides in human games. Now I am not sure what God is exactly but it seems possible that God would concerned about the choices that some candidates would be imposing on the rest of us should they win a given election. Of course, given free will we are largely on our own and have to work thru these things.

    The world has many religions and many subdivisions under each major religion. Now most of these believe in one god. However, as the number of religions increases the probability of any one being “right” asymptotically approaches zero. To me this suggests that God also doesn’t care what religion we believe if any.

    My parting shot: Jesus is not God; he never claimed to be. It seems that Jesus was elevated to Godhood in order to make Christianity more powerful i.e. it was marketing. That said, he does have a special place in the universe and what that is exactly and what really happened in his life is still a bit of a mystery to me.

  2. Hey Little Bill,

    You’ve been asked why you let such venom and hatred dribble out of your ugly little smut mouth, as you illustrated with your “S-T-F-U” comment but I see you’re still hiding and afraid to answer. Just remember, a 100 years from now, many people will be remembered for being good human beings and good parents (probably including Tim Tebow), while you’ll be remembered for your profanity. Maybe we can put “S-T-F-U” on your tombstone since you are so proud of your brave comment made in a dark little radio room. Remember that Tim Tebow helped to build a hospital in the Phillipines, while you used your “press” website to hawk the scarves your wife makes. And you hide from criticism. Big brave man that can say “S-T-F-U” from the safety and anonominity of a radio booth. You are such a small, pathetic little man. Will you answer??

    A better headline for your column would be “Bill Press trivializes journalism”

  3. It’s really a shame that this kind of talk is coming from Liberal democrats. Tebow is a man who walks the walk, and talks the talk, and did so before he even played football. This kind of vile talk just brings more people over to the conservatives. when liberals like you attack Christianity. Definitely, you have a security issue in attacking someone else about their faith. How sad for you.

  4. I agree with Bill. He makes a good point. If you’re going to practice a religion, then you need to follow the things it says, especially if one of these things was said by the figure the entire religion was founded upon. If you don’t it makes you look like a hypocrite. Also, the immature, irrational responses on here are unbelievable. You should all feel ashamed.

  5. Bill, you really owe Mr. Tebow an apology for your absolutely unwarranted rant. Sure, you can quote scripture to make your point, but it appears that you do not completely understand it. Otherwise, you would not have said what you said. I exhort you to repent, put your trust in Christ and confess Him as Lord. Otherwise, to use a sports analogy for a team that misses the playoffs, you will be on the outside looking in. (But, to put it bluntly, Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” – which might describe you.)

  6. Funny, this is going so much media play. Is it because he chooses to pray or because it makes those who don’t uncomfortable? Is it a reminder to those who don’t, that others do and give thanks for everything, both big and small? (Thank you for shoes, thank you for shelter, for food, thank you for difficulties, etc.) Do you pray and say Grace before eating out at a restaurant? I pray at work all the time- especially when I am asked to go make copies for hours when I hold a degree and 15 years of professional experience, “Thank you for this lesson in humility…”

    I don’t know about the Muslim thing, I personally would applaud it. As a Catholic, we understand the Old Testament and remember Ishmael also being Abraham’s son and our cousin. Respect for others is what we are taught. Now, being an American AND a Catholic in a Protestant country, you bet I am all for a freedom of EVERY religion and the right to pray wherever and whenever you choose.

    I would say, look at the lives of those who are uncomfortable with someone praying and recognize the origins of their discomfort, not the person who gives thanks to God.

  7. If you are offended, then don’t watch. That is what we are told by liberals when we criticize television shows glamorizing teenage sex, adult irresponsibility, and children’s disrespect of adult authority. It would seem that a journalist would have more character and professionalism than you displayed in attacking a 24 year old young man for freely exercising his faith. While it may make some uncomfortable, that is a personal problem for which people should examine their own insecurities. The Gay and Lesbian groups are in Americans’ faces spreading their own ideology and anyone who disagrees is labeled homophobic. Yet one 24 year old football player exercising his religious beliefs causes such insecurity and personal discomfort that you want him to STFU. He is only one person, get over it, turn away, flip the channel, or get on board. Stop being a God-hater, Religiphobe.
    Merry CHRISTmas.

  8. Tebow thanks God for every good thing that happens to him. I would like to know why God has chosen to bless him so, versus, say, the 60 million people who died in the Hell of World War II? Tebow is a brain-washed non-thinker, oblivious beyond belief. If I am wrong, someone tell why God blesses him and all the other athletes who point skyward after the big score. Who are these privledged few????

  9. Wow. Tim Tebow is just doing what all Christians are to do, pray constantly and ask God to bless. I pray regarding my work all the time. I am in sales. I ask God to give me business. Would you say to me that God doesn’t care about whether my client goes with my company or the other company? God cares about providing for me as His daughter. This is Tim Tebow’s job. He gets paid to play well. What’s wrong with him praying for his job? What’s wrong with him giving God the glory for it? I dare say you speak so strongly against Tim Tebow because you don’t want to be reminded about God, and it bothers your conscience that a kid is on national television living his life just the way a Christian man is supposed to, not taking advantage of women, not getting drunk every weekend. Why wouldn’t Tim give God the credit, if God helped him do it ?
    You make a case for a Muslim football player, but you live in a country where you have rights because the country was founded on Christian principles. As a woman, I would never want to live in one of those oppressive Muslim countries.
    We can talk on and on about the political errors made in the past centuries in the name of Christianity, but I think we all know what a real Christian looks like. And Tim Tebow is one of them. Why don’t you spend your time criticizing some football player who’s cheating on his wife and leave the kid who’s walking out his love for Jesus Christ with integrity alone?

  10. To Ron: you said “Jesus is not God; he never claimed to be.” Sorry, but you’re mistaken on that point. Please read John chapter 14, the whole chapter — enough to get the sense of what Jesus is saying. Then go back and pay particular attention to verses 6 through 11.

    Also, read John 10:24-30 – especially verse 30.

    To Charlie P, you asked “I would like to know why God has chosen to bless him so” and “…someone tell why God blesses him and all the other athletes who point skyward after the big score”. Well, I’m not in a position to be able to speak for God nor is any other human. Perhaps someday you’ll have the opportunity to ask Him that question yourself, if you truly want a real answer. However, I fail to see the logic you used in declaring that Tim Tebow and others like him are “brain-washed non-thinker(s)” just because they choose to offer thanks for what they believe is the source of their good fortune? They’re simply acknowledging what they believe are gifts they have been given. I find it very difficult to villify someone for an act of thankfulness.

  11. To Rob… Jesus never said anything that we can put in quotation marks… be honest. We do not know exactly what he said about anything. There were no recorders, no scribes. He didn’t keep a journal. Just stories passed down from the faithful (aka people determined to put words in his mouth to keep the religion alive and growing). The New Testament was established by a committee of men at the Council of Nicea in 320 AD. They too had their reasons for including some of the gospels, and excluding others. Our version of Christianity is manufactured.

  12. To Rob… Jesus never said anything that we can put in quotation marks… be honest. We do not know exactly what he said about anything. There were no recorders, no scribes. He didn’t keep a journal. Just stories passed down from the faithful (aka people determined to put words in his mouth to keep the religion alive and growing). The New Testament was established by a committee of men at the Council of Nicea in 320 AD. They too had their reasons for including some of the gospels, and excluding others. Our version of Christianity is manufactured.

  13. I sent little Bill the following note tonight, but I’m sure he won’t respond. Hard to get a cockroach to come into the daylight….

    Hey little Billy,

    I was wondering if you noticed that the Denver press has written an article that references all the media critics who questioned Tim Tebow’s faith and/or performance, in the wake of the Broncos victory over the Steelers. They mention Bill Maher, Merrill Hoge and a host of other “celebrities”. But they don’t mention you. At all. I guess they think you’re just a scarf salesman for your wife and a small profane host of a poorly followed radio show. I hope you remember your STFU moment, because it seems very few other people do. Have a nice day tomorrow in your dark little radio room. Maybe you can broadcast some slurs against Mother Theresa this time, you small little man.

  14. Tebow’s life is in the national scene. To criticize him for thanking his maker for the talent that he has is about as low a stoop as there is. If he likes to pray on the field its his business and not yours. If you don’t like to see that DON’T WATCH! I’m tired of these liberals thinking that they can control us but bashing Christians in public. I don’t believe he is trying to show off. He just prays often as he has been taught since he was a child. How does his praying hurt you or anybody else? If it doesn’t, and it certainly doesn’t, why even mention it at all? Something tells me that if he was Muslim, you wouldn’t have a problem with his praying at all. Its Christian praying you have a problem with you bigot! The problem is not Tebow, its your obvoius hatred of Christians and Christianity. If anybody wants to pray on national TV, God bless them and not you! You and your ilk would be content with erasing Christianity from the pubic scene altogether. Keep it up Tim we are all behind you!

  15. Jesus said many things in Scripture, Mr. Press, and I’m quite confident that we can look at your public record and prove that you don’t adhere to most of them. So it’s fruitless for you to deliver a Bible lesson at this point.
    Furthermore, it’s foolish to say that God doesn’t care about elections. (Daniel 4:17)
    As for the comment of Ron: Jesus is God and He most certainly did claim to be God in Scripture! (John 8:58) It was one of the reasons the Pharisees had him executed. You and Mr. Press would do well to learn about Jesus before commenting on Him or His followers.
    Thank you Mr. Tebow, for being a witness for Christ, and thank you Mr. Press, for providing more publicity.

  16. First of all, why do you care if he trivializes religion or makes a mockery of Christianity? You are obviously NOT a Christian! If you were, you would see that Tebow has inspired many people, and while you may say that he is advertising his Christianity, others will see it as evangalism. I don’t believe that he is using his faith for the attention or that he is praising God because he made a touchdown pass, or because his team won the game…you may be correct about God not caring about that. However, God does care about his children and Tebow is simply praising God for the talents God has given him, and for the opportunities he has received he gives the Glory to God…which is where praise and Glory should be given! All you non-believers and nay-sayers should try it sometime!

  17. What’s funny is that Christians get all bent out about other people being the slightest bit uncomfortable with their religions shenanigans, yet, if it were a Muslim or a Wiccan doing it, they’d be the first ones to scream bloody murder about their precious children being subjected to a religious display that was not their own.

    You are all freaking hypocrites, every last one of you that takes that stance.

    Tebow can be Christian and have faith all he wants, but the rest of us don’t need to be subjected to it’s annoyance at every single turn. The NFL needs to start fining his rear end every time he does it for over the top celebration in the end zone. That would knock that crap out in a hurry.

  18. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

    Bill, do you still think Tebow should STFU?

  19. 27June,2012

    Allen you might want to READ AND STUDY THE BIBLE, before making such a foolish STATEMENT ABOUT
    WHAT JESUS SAID OR DIDN’T SAY! There is an Official Record of Jesus being brought in front of the Roman Officials because of what HE/JESUS said.
    They didn’t know what Jesus mean then just like you don’t known what Tebow means now with bending the knee and giving PRAISE, HONOR, AND GLORY, for the things HE JESUS/GOD has Blessed him/Tebow with and allows him to accomplishes!
    Oh! One last thing I’d be very carefull what I say or do in regards to those who belong to Jesus if I were you. Because of what Jesus said: see LUKE:Chapter17 verses 1&2. Then READ ALl OF LUKE CHAPTER 16. Remember you will die some day like all men/women do and after DEATH COMES JUDGEMENT!
    JESUS said ” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, LIFE, John Chapter 14 verse 6.
    Allen I hope you find The Way The Truth and Life before you have to stand in front of JESUS when Judgement TIME COMES FOR YOU!

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