Tim Tebow Trivializes Religion

Jesus said a lot of strong things. But one of the strongest things he ever said was: When you pray, don’t be like those hypocrites who like to stand on a street corner and pray, so everybody can see them.

Somebody ought to tell that to Tim Tebow.

Broncos quarterback Tebow’s not only a Christian. He wants everybody to know he’s a Christian. He brags about it, constantly. He wears Bible verses on his face. He kneels in prayer after every touchdown. And he thanks his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for every win.

There’s only one thing wrong with that. By dragging God into every football game, Tebow makes a mockery of Christianity – and trivializes religion. The truth is, God doesn’t care who wins an election, a bingo game, or a football game. Sorry, Tebow, Jesus is not a Broncos fan.

Now, if you’re one of the silly millions of Americans who loves Tebow’s in-your-face kind of Christianity, consider this. What if he were a devout Muslim, who bowed to Mecca after every touchdown and shouted “Allahu Akbar?”

Somehow, I don’t think we’d be celebrating him as a national hero.

That’s my parting shot for today.

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  1. “Now, if you’re one of the silly millions of Americans who loves Tebow’s in-your-face kind of Christianity, consider this. What if he were a devout Muslim, who bowed to Mecca after every touchdown and shouted “Allahu Akbar?”

    Really Bill? Somehow, if this were the case, out of ultra-sensitive media poltical-correctness I highly doubt you would have said anything about it at all. But PC doesn’t apply to Christianity, does it? Christians and Christianity are an easy, risk free targets for ridicule from miserable wretches like you, with no risk of backlash. Here’s a thought, Bill; why don’t you STFU?

  2. “Jesus said a lot of strong things. But one of the strongest things he ever said was: When you pray, don’t be like those hypocrites who like to stand on a street corner and pray, so everybody can see them.

    Somebody ought to tell that to Tim Tebow.”

    The problem: Tebow is not a hypocrite. He walks the walk. He doesn’t give thanks so that we can see him doing it, he does it inspite of the fact that we can see him doing it. As far as not celebrating him as a hero if he shouted “Allahu Akbar” after every touch down. I bet you would. I certainly wouldn’t hate him for it.

  3. In your column you quote, “When you pray, don’t be like those hypocrites who like to stand on a street corner and pray, so everybody can see them.” That quote, in context, is referring to the Jewish authorities who feign religious ferver, but do not live their faith; thus the word “hypocrite.” Can you cite any hypocracy on his part? Is it possible that he believes the words of the psalmist, “I will praise the LORD at all times,” (Psalm 34:1 NLT), or “And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD. (Psalm 40:3) The New testament states, “Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (I Thessalonians 5:16-18)

    It appears to me that he is a man who lives and acts on his faith.

  4. When you say you don’t “think WE’D be celebrating him as a national hero,” it’s already clear that YOU are not. He’s likely not being celebrated in Afghanistan. And he’s not likely being celebrated by most of the Muslims who live in America. The only people celebrating Tebow are Broncos fans, people who love that Tebow loves God and Jesus Christ, and people who love to see an underdog triumph. YOU, apparently don’t fall into any of these groups. You’re acting like an angry person who doesn’t like to see the “other side” win.

    And who are you to speak on behalf of god? As a Buffalo Bills fan, I’m certain God’s more of a Broncos fan than a Bills fan. But I’m not going to say with conviction who He roots for.

    My point is, you try to speak on behalf of the majority, yet you admit that there are “millions” of people who like Tebow and, at the same time, you lump youself into a collective “we” that you can’t even define or understand. Try speaking for yourself, Bill. And let others make up their minds…especially Him.

  5. Wow, Tim Tebow is a hypocrite and braggart, mocks Christianity? And all this time I though he was just a hard working, decent human being, who loves God? I’ll be sure to warn my children as soon as I get home! For now on I’ll have them listen to pillars of the community like youself! You should have Tebow on your show and let him know how shameful he’s been behaving!

  6. Once again Bill you show your “Toxic Talk” vitriol. Why so angry?

    Why does it anger you that someone espouse good? He is not telling anyone what to do with their life or what they should or should not believe. Would you be more pleased with your view of life if he talked about the vile treatment of dogs, he flashed gang signs or spoke about the way he cheats on his wife or his abuse of children? These days it seems to be bad is looked upon as being good and to be good is a bad thing.

    Jesus also said “A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. A tree is identified by its fruit. Figs are never gathered from thorn bushes, and grapes are not picked from bramble bushes. A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.”

  7. What T is doing is giving the glory to God, something all Christians are supposed to do but don’t (I think many don’t for fear of persecution). It is a very misunderstood gesture. It comes from an understanding that every breath, every step we take, every opportunity we have is only possible by the grace of God. From the moment I became a Christian, I felt compelled to proclaim my trust in Him in a public setting, but did not because of fear. Finally, we have a celebrity who seems to have his priorities in order and you criticize him for it. As for the passage you pointed to… it would apply if T professed his faith but did not “live” it. The hypocrisy part is the lesson in that passage. If it gets under your skin, then maybe you have the problem.

  8. Jesus also told believers to go into all the world and spread the gospel. The part you quote is meant for those who only use their prayer to show how great they are. Tebow is declaring the greatness of God! If a Muslim was saying “Allahu Akbar” for a touch down… fine… as long as he’s not harming anyone who cares? Go Tebow! Be bold for your faith!

  9. I would rather see a football player praising God than selling drugs on the street. It’s America and the last time I heard, we had freedom of speech. He’s an asset to the NFL!!!!

  10. bill, you’re right about what Jesus said. however, he said it about the pharisees, whose relationship with God was a facade. 1. God does want a relationship with us, it is said several times, “neither will I (God) leave you nor forsake you.” also, God said and intimated the fact that when we are obedient, He walks with us. you are a fool for opening your mouth about what God desires, obviously not having a clue. 2. the bible says that all governments, rulers, authorities are put in place by God, obviously negating your comment about what you said. 3. the pharisees were unrighteous in their worship to God, being self-absorbed and self-righteous. look at Jesus. God sent His son to bring the world to Him. yet they and you have disreguarded His importantance. 4.because God is personal, He does care about what concerns us. mr. tebow is a mouthpeice for God. why do you think he is winning? he is continually pulling off the near-miracu-lous. he does poorly for 3 or more quarters, but is given the capability of bringing them back. i do not doubt that God may not be a broncos fan. but tebow is a son of God because of his faith in Christ (gal. 3.26). now, tebow may not win this weekend, however, for your sake, i will be praying.

  11. Ok, so here it goes. This is the first time I have ever responded to ANY site or public forum. I am a devout Mormon, with strong pioneer heritage. I do not “praise” in public but ALWAYS keep a prayer of thanks and gratitude in my heart. I have been known to say prayers in my car when something is troubling me or to say I’m thankful for something. I live my faith everyday, and share when approached or appropriate. My actions speak louder than my words. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and KNOW all that He has done for me and my family. I support the statement that He does not care who wins a football game, but I do know that He does appreciate when people give credit where credit is due. Christ gave EVERYONE of us our gifts and talents and it is our responsibility to develop them and give thanks. Everything we have has been a blessing and a gift, we are nothing without Him. So, though I may not kneel publicly after something I have accomplished, I will give thanks in my heart, and in my prayers. Most importantly though, to those who wish to keep Christ out of their lives, both privately and publicly (politically), be careful….What you “have” can be gone in a minute, and then who will you turn to?…..

  12. The problem you have with Timmy is that he is an all american hero. America loves him because of his clean image and courage to speak his beliefs. Unlike the liberal media that puts Hollywood and idiots like Lindsey Lohan or Charlie Sheen on a pedestal, or the overwhelming idiocy of the left and it’s hero’s like Anthony Weiner, Nancy Pelosi, John Edwards or Charlie Rangel, real Americans can accept the fact that it’s ok to mention God. It’s ok to acknowledge religion (or not) and the mere fact that people like you detest our rights to freedom of speach and expression, is the very reason we are failing as a society. The left is at fault for the moral decay of American values. I choose not to listen to your drivel, you certainly can choose not to listen to Tim. I would rather my children look up to Tim Tebow than Michael Vick. Find another game to watch.

  13. Why are you so afraid of the name of JESUS…. Bill, you don’t dislike Tebow, you don’t like JESUS….you don’t want to hear the name of JESUS…WHY?…Because JESUS is real and He is GOD ALMIGHTY…and His name scares you, because if you believe that He is real Bill…you know that HELL is real and you are headed right for it!

  14. Wow…who the hell are all these jackballs commenting on here? Are they really BP listeners or did they accidentally click on the wrong link?

    Father Tim is a religious nuisance — like the Jehovah’s Witnesses that go door to door selling their nonsense.

    And a narcissist to boot. To think that the Lord of the Universe gives two s**ts about who wins his stupid football game just illustrates the point.

    Oh and by the way — it’s all a bunch of nonsense anyway. Do yourselves a favor an buy Christopher Hitchen’s book — a brilliant intellectual who was actually worth “Tebowing” for.

  15. I really enjoyed reading the blogs, I’m so fed up with arrogance and pomp in the media. I must admit I really think Glen Kraig was right on the money. I wanted to put a “like” on it. God is good, it always ammazes me how people respond to the name of Jesus (Y’shua)

  16. Jesus was not criticizing public prayer. But Jesus does condemn pretentious or ostentatious prayer. Tebow’s prayer is part of who Tim Tebow is and thus to me is not pretentious or ostentatious or done on purpose for attention. He is genuine in his faith and shows it. And he has been consistently showing it for many years. Those of us who are Christians should take note and do likewise. Our country would be better off for it.

  17. Are you that afraid of Tim Tebow and his religion? Why do you even care? What harm is Tebow causing? Did Tebow organize a mob for OWS, a personal fav org of yours no doubt.

    Would you even broach the subject or even DARE say STFU and don’t show your religion if a Muslim did something similar to what Tebow does?

    Of course God doesn’t care for the Broncos over anything else – he cares for ALL OF THEM. I bet He does care that Tim Tebow is faithful about his religion and is not afraid to show his caring, and probably isn’t real excited about your excoriation of Christianity (or any other religion for that matter.)

    So, how are your rating doing? Thought so – STFU!

  18. Jesus also commands – COMMANDS – us to go out into the world and baptize in His name. The Bible also says, how will they know if we don’t tell them? God bless Tim Tebow – we need more people who stand up for their beliefs, if we did we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in our Country.

  19. Tim’s desire for everybody to know that he is a Christian is very refreshing. I’ve never been an in-your-face Christian but since this young man has the love & courage to boldly proclaim his faith & thanksgiving for Jesus Christ, I am standing with him! You made a sarcastic remark about “What if he were a devout Muslim, who bowed to Mecca after every touchdown and shouted “Allahu Akbar?”. I would run for cover because he probably had a bob strapped to his chest and was facing martyrdom. You are very obviously ignorant and looking to bring Controversial Comments to a rather Dull Commentary to raise your listening audience but I think it will have an adverse effect on you sir! God does exist and He loves you very much and took your place on the cross for your sins!Wake up Bill! You remind me of the Apostle Paul before his conversion. I would read up on him and make the correlation between your & his attitudes! You, one day, will be held accountable for every word out of your mouth! In the meantime, I’ll be praying for God to pour out His love on you every moment of every day. God Bless Tim Tebow.

  20. Bill Press is Roman Catholic and attended a Catholic university. He also earned a degree in theology. At 71 years old it would seem that Press, an older more learned man, would have some wisdom and guidance to share with Tebow. So what of Press’ faith and education?

    Did someone say hypocrisy?

  21. Bill,

    What does scripture say about hating and judging others?

    God has called us to profess our faith in Jesus Christ to all peoples. The scripture you misused is about being a hypocrite not openly professing you faith and dependence on Christ.

  22. Wow Bill,
    As an atheist I can’t believe what you said. Why is it liberals like you are scared of people of faith? Wait let me take that back. Why is it liberals like you are scared of people of the christian faith? Apparently it’s ok to be a devout muslim but not a devout christian. To you and skipperino I don’t believe Tebow EVER claimed that god favored the Broncos, that’s your own creation not his. Tebow has only given thanks for his success, in fact he has explicitly stated that he didn’t believe god favored him or his team. Once again it’s you who is creating ‘facts’ to support your stupid theory. What we really see here is what progressives are about, the limitation of free speech. If Bill and friends have their way we will only be able to say what they approve, kind of like Stalin, Castro and Hugo believe in. I’d rather a football player who is also a private and FREE citizen praise his god, even if I don’t believe in it, then be told what I can and can’t say by some government hack the likes of Bill Press!

  23. reading the comments i can’t add anything else–i am proud of how many people on this site are standing with tebow and his love of the Lord–maybe all is not lost in this country–maybe God will shine His face upon us with all that is happening in the world–one more thing_Glory to God in the Highest!!!

  24. If you are to post about his faith, at least get your facts right. When he kneels upon a great play, and with the Bible verses he presents; God wants us to spread His word, and always show thanks. How does that, and WHY does that bother you enough to attack him. How is he hurting you, or anyone else for that matter? I can’t say the same for many devout Muslims.

  25. Hey Bill,
    I wanna be just like you. I mean, I could make disparaging statements about people whose views I don’t agree with just to get some attention. Actually, now that I think about it, I’d rather do what I think Tebow would do in this situation and just tell you “God bless”.

  26. I always find it interesting to see a non-Christian use the Bible to support one of their statements. Bill, you don’t appear to claim Christianity in any way (of course, I could be mistaken in that assumption), so how are you in a position to judge Tim’s conformance to scripture? And why is that an issue for you anyway? If you don’t like Tim’s actions, you have the full freedom to say so. I’m just curious why you appeal (incorrectly) to scripture for support.

    As others have pointed out, the context of the passage is in no way condemning the *action* of praying in public. Rather, the problem Jesus is addressing is the *intent* of the action, namely, hypocrisy (doing the action purely for praise from men, not from a true love of God).

    Bill, I disagree with you. I agree with Tim. I would encourage you to study the passage you cited more fully so that you can see that, rather than violating the passage, Tim’s actions conform to it. Now, of course, if Tim turns out to be a hypocrite, you will have been correct in one sense, however, I don’t believe you have an accurate understanding of the passage you cited. I also don’t believe Tim is a hypocrite, but I could be mistaken there, too.

    The issue I believe to be ultimate here is the supremacy of Christ. I believe you see in Tim a man who is sincere about his faith and lives it out. I believe it is always convicting to see a man who bows his knee to the one true and living God.

    Bill, I pray that God will open the eyes of your heart, that you might see the glory and majesty of the risen King, the Lamb of God who was slain, is risen, and reigns forevermore! His shed blood is sufficient to wash away all of your sins, if you will repent of them and turn to Him in humility. Please, Bill, see the glory of our Savior!

  27. Bill, I’m pretty sure that Mr. Tebow doesn’t throw it in our faces. He doesn’t celebrate on the field, je waits till he gets to the sideline. He doesn’t talk about it unless he’s asked by a reporter.

    Bill do you hate Tim Tebow because of his religion, or because it says you have to in the far left playbook?

  28. Bill,

    If you don’t like it…just change the channel. But what you’re really afraid of, is that public expressions of faith that aren’t as transparently false as Nancy Pelosi’s, will give courage to others expressing their faith in God and in Jesus.

    And when free men and women worship their Creator, they do not sell their souls to the government for a handout.

    That’s what frightens you!

  29. How about … Proverbs 3:3 In ALL your ways ACKNOWLEDGE him, and he will direct your path.

    Those who are truly Christian, who truly follow Jesus DO acknowledge God who gives us our strength, forgives our mistakes, and directs our path.

  30. One more thing… you said Jesus is not a Broncos fan…

    God is a fan of all of mankind and if His will were truly done on earth as it is in heaven then ALL of us would bow down on our knees just as Tebow does, and no one would DARE – would DARE criticize us for it!

  31. Mr. Bill, It would be better if you followed your advice. I see nothing wrong with Tebow thanking God for keeping him and his team mates safe, for thanking him for the talents given them and the strength to perform. One comment about what you said about how I would feel if a devout Muslim shouted “Allahu Akbar” in public. They do right after they murder innocent people.

    God may not care who wins a game, etc. But God loves the prayers and thanks of his people. God said “If you are afraid to confess me before others, that he would not confess us before the Father. Tebow is just following God’s wishes. Evidently you aren’t.

    Actually, you are the embarrassment and disgrace. Tebow is a role model and pleasing God. I don’t use the language you use, but I will ask you to sit down and close your mouth. Oh, and an apology would be a GOOD thing; I think God would like that.

    God bless you.

  32. Okay, when I read the negatives like good ol’ Skipperiono, I want to ask something. When has Tebow EVER said God cares if he wins or loses a football game? If you show me a quote where he said it, I will take back everything I ever said about liberals who only read talking points they have been spoon fed and don’t do any research. Tim Tebow has never said, God is mandating he win, that he favors him (even with all the pomp) over any single other person on the field or in the world. Stop just believing everything your ‘compassionate’ liberal media hands you.

    And no skip, we are not all BP listeners. There have been around 25 comments, that would roughly be double the BP listnership.

  33. You know Bill I agree about the part you wrote of from the bible of people praying on the street corner to be seen of men Matt 6:5-6 and T.Tebow is “diggin” it though at first I think he was naive of what he was doing. on the other hand I’ve seen Muslums doing the daily prayers but do they pray at any other time other than that? Do you know ?

  34. Tebow’s behaviors are nothing new. Look back to NFL games in the 1970’s, 1960’s etc surely quarterbacks demonstrated their faith in past history on the field. What is different? Not much except today the cameras and microphones are simply everywhere and the media is focusing in.

  35. I am having a lot of difficulty with the responses to Bill’s remarks, i.e. The Ridicule. How in anybody’s name, anything’s name, any belief? Can people be so self righteous? Come on commenters! I agree with Bill. Think about it when you meet someone who exhibits the same type of behavior with anything else. Whenever I hear “”Thank the Lord above”” from a winning toucchdown, three point shot, hole-in-one, winning a car race, I think the same thing. I’m a fine Christian myself. But religon and spirituality shouldn’t be broadcast by people the way Tebow and others do.

  36. Tim Tebow is one of those rare people who create a metric out of other people: Criticizing, disliking, or condemning Tebow says nothing about him, but everything about you.

  37. Bill, why do you feel that YOU can use your 1st amendment right of Freedom of Speech but you don’t want Tim to be allowed use of his 1st amendment rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion? Why is it you only want constitutional rights when it’s convenient for YOU?? This is America Bill. If you don’t enjoy the freedoms America has to offer, this Lady Marine has a bit of advice for you; Feel FREE to move to China, Venezuela or North Korea. No one is begging you to stay here.

  38. Bill, you used to be a “normal” liberal years ago. I often agreed with you. Now? Just another joyless, nasty, hypocritical leftist, with a minuscule audience. Tebow’s Christianity is a problem, but you have no problem with Obama’s 20 years at a crazy, racist church? Or his close ties (and admit it Bill, they are long and deep) with Ayers. I could go on and on about your blatant double standards. If Obama had run on what he has a actually pursued, and the media had actually explored his “community organizing” background (ACORN, Midwest Academy, etc.), his admitted cocaine use, etc. he would not have gotten 40% of the vote. He’s a phony. Why no college records? No full medical records. Andy Stern his most frequent visitor, which the White House want kept quiet, etc. You? Not a phony- just an angry, bitter lefty hack.

  39. God Bless Tim Tebow. You too Bill. Seems like your a little a Jealous of Timmy. His message is one of faith, Believing and love of his fellow man something that you never understood apparently. Obviously you flunked out on that part in the seminary.

  40. If he were a muslim, than all of the liberals would be celebrating his faith. Christians are an easy target because we sit back and turn the other cheek instead of slitting their throats.

  41. I’m not a religous person. I can not quote scripture and I don’t go to church. But I know that I would be busting with pride if I had a son or daughter who turned out like young Mr. Tebow, religion and all. You and many on the left can not stand that Tim Tebow has had success in life and is religous. It just eats at your insides and it makes you want to tear the guy down. To me that simply shows how sick you are.

  42. Reggie White was an ordained minister. Shawn Alexander, Kurt Warner, David Robinson, Mariano Rivera, and countless other pro atheletes are devout believers and outspoken about their faith. Mike Singletary wore a huge cross around his neck as coach of the 49ers. Many NFL players kneel after scoring and many MLB players draw a crucifix across thier chest and point to the heavens after a homerun. Does Mr Press take umbrage with those atheletes? I haven’t heard it. So why single out Tim Tebow? Someone please explain this selective outrage.

  43. Bill, I was so sad to hear your comments on the radio today. No matter how you feel about God,you just dropped so low as to ridicule a kind, loving young man,someone our children can look up to. You were rude and made yourself look and sound like a complete ass. I bet your family is proud of the kind, loving person you are…I pray for them.

  44. Let not those who are wrongfully my foes rejoice over me; neither let them wink with the eye who hate me without cause.

    For they do not speak peace, but they devise deceitful matters against those who are quiet in the land. Ps 35:19, 20

  45. Folks, just remember this is the same Bill Press who said John Boehner should be struck dead by lightning. Nastiness comes second nature to him.

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