The Bill Press Show Starts Today on Current TV!

The Bill Press Show is now simulcast on Current TV!

The Bill Press Show will air weekday mornings 6-9 AM ET on Current TV  as part of the network’s new morning news block, with The Stephanie Miller Show airing from 9 AM -12 PM ET. The Current TV cameras will be in studio every day! Both shows will be simulcast – you will still hear them on your local progressive talk station!

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9 Responses to The Bill Press Show Starts Today on Current TV!

  1. Bill,

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on your next flop!

    That’s my parting shot for today.

  2. Congrats Bill…and I’ll be watching. I’m very glad, as I can’t stand Joe Scarborough!

    Now I have a real choice!

  3. Hey come on, Hammer and Brewster. Bill will be doubling his audience size – from 20 to 40.

  4. Brewster, normally I would agree with you but ‘mediocrity’ might be giving the MSNBC reject channel too much credit.
    “Turner reported that BSkyB sources say it’s simply not renewing its five-year deal because Current TV has performed “very poorly,” and proven to be one of the “least-watched” channels on its platform. According to U.K. ratings data, the channel’s share of viewing was 0.024 percent in the past year, with its best series averaging 43,000 viewers. Its average peak-time audience in its best month in 2011 was 4,700 viewers – on a platform that reaches 10 million homes.”
    Last quarter here in the states, it averaged 28,000 viewers at any one time. If it weren’t for Big Als global warming profits Current would be shutdown!

  5. Jeff, have no fear, I’m sure the Gorester has avoided tying any of his personal funds into this network.
    This is what bugs me about not being able to have the ‘ala carte’ option for cable/satellite subscribers. Basically I’m subsidizing this fool.

  6. Hey you naysayers…screw off! Current TV is making great advances, and the addition of the Bill Press Show and the Stephanie Miller Show will be great enhancements along with the night group. Good for Al Gore to take on a difficult task and make it a success…you’ll see!

  7. “…great advances…”

    Uh-huh. Howard Kurtz at CNN played a quick clip of a documentary on Current that talked about the problem of – get this – huge piles of animal dung in the wild. That says it all.

    Actually, I’m not sure if the film clip showed a big pile of animal dung, or Bill Press sitting in his studio. Or maybe that was Keith Olbermann.

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