Senator Grassley insults the President

Even if you haven’t read my new book, The Obama Hate Machine, you know that the Obama-haters know no bounds when it comes to insulting our president.

All the old rules, any sense of decency, that all-American tradition of showing respect for the president, even when you disagree with him – that’s all been thrown out the window by this crowd.

They don’t hesitate to heap insults on President Obama and call him every name in the book. And it just keeps getting worse.

Just last week, of course, Karl Rove – senior advisor to the last president – called Obama a “thug.” Imagine what Rove would have said if anyone had called George Bush a thug!

But Rove wasn’t alone. Rush Limbaugh also called Obama a “thug.” That’s on top of last year, calling him a “jackass.”

And now a U.S. Senator, who should know better, has crawled in the gutter. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, over the weekend, tweeting that the President is “stupid.”

Does this unbridled name-calling have anything to do with the fact that Barack Obama is also our first African-American president? You bet it does.

That’s my parting shot for today.

4 Responses to Senator Grassley insults the President

  1. So you play the race card (again) eh Bill?

    Of course the Democrats never called President Bush anything disrespectful, especially you Bill.
    You are either seriously delusional and/or a complete idiot, which is it Bill?

  2. You left out “hypocritical” ans “bald-faced liar”, Brewster. Those descriptions would also apply to Bill. Or how about this one – “all of the above”?

  3. Bill – you are spot on. If we used the Republithug’s concepts about their beloved W…well I don’t know why they are upset about President Obama and why they think “he needs to do something” if W left us in such great shape as a nation, then why should President Obama need to do anything?
    They conveniently get amnesia about W…$4+ gas in both July 07 and 08, two unfunded wars, tax cuts for the wealthy at the same time, bailouts through the nose beginning in March 08,the vast majority of the current debt, jobs bleeding instead of coming back, etc. Where were the tea baggers when W was borrowing money like a drunk–why they waited to mail their tea bags to the new President! That tells you their mentality(& the fact that W’s crew would have sent them to Gitmo!)

  4. It’s the progressive way; lie, deny and blame the other guy. Unfortunately it got the most unqualified guy ever elected to the office of President.

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