4/20: Use pot today and everyday!

This is April 20. A national holiday for millions of Americans.

Because, as many of you know, it’s 4/20 – a day of national celebration for pot heads…festivities I’m more than happy to recognize and join.

I’m not ashamed to admit: I’ve smoked more than my share of marijuana. Anybody my age who did not try pot in college is either hopelessly out of touch or a liar.

And I strongly believe that pot should not only be de-criminalized – it should be made legal.

Let’s be honest. Marijuana is a recreational drug. No more dangerous than alcohol – and less dangerous than cigarettes. It is not addictive. And, despite all the scare tactics of some government agencies, it is not a gateway to more serious drugs.

In many states, marijuana is also a major cash crop. Growers make more money from pot than grapes in California. But it’s all part of the underground economy.

The only answer is to legalize pot, regulate it, tax it, make money off it, let people enjoy it – and free police officers to spend time on serious crimes.

For pot heads everywhere, that’s my parting shot.

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  1. As someone who works with drug addicts on a daily basis, I frequently ask, “What was the first drug you ever used?” The answer is always…not sometimes, not occasionally….always “weed.” They go on to bigger and better things and eventually arrive at what I like to call a trip to the buffet with crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana laced with PCP and of course, the pills they steal from grandma’s bathroom.
    Addiction is not cheap, by the way. It’s tough to fund with a job at McDonald’s, if you can even keep legitimate employment with being fucked up all the time. Typically, people resort to criminal acts in order to support their addictions. They rob, burglarize, forge checks, shoplift, steal from family and friends and con innocent people to get high. My personal favorite method for young kids to get money for drugs before the withdrawal sets in and they get dope sick is to suck a stranger’s sweaty, smelly dick in a back alley for a couple of bucks.
    Then, let’s talk about what happens when people need to get clean, either because they have made that personal choice, they have seen too many people die, or they have been court ordered. Is Obamacare going to pay for all the junkies in rehab, which on average costs about $30,000.00 for a 28 day stay? Remember that money comes from you and me as junkies don’t pay taxes. And if you are not aware, relapse is part of recovery so one stint in rehab typically doesn?t do the job. Some answer that marijuana can be taxed to pay for rehab. That just seems stupid to me, like taxing cigarettes to pay for cancer treatment.
    I’m not saying that everyone who tokes on a joint is destined to do a five year prison term for hitting an old lady in the back of the head and stealing her purse. I know plenty of people who have smoked marijuana and have gone on to be successful, but to say marijuana isn’t a gateway drug is uninformed and naive. No one jabs a needle in their arm for shits and giggles on a Saturday night as their first drug experience. I prefer that marijuana be difficult to obtain, because personally, I don’t want my children anywhere near it. The risk is too great.
    Take care, Uncle Bill. Tell Carol I said, hello.
    -Lauren Press
    Senior Probation/Parole Officer
    State of Delaware Department of Corrections

  2. LAUREN.The only reason they do other drugs is because marijuana is ILLEGAL! meaning your friendly neighborhood dealer isn’t always going to have pot. But hey guess what he gots legal prescription pills so he could just buy those.are you getting it now? If pot was available from uncle Sam plenty of other people wouldnt make the dumb mistake of taking other drugs , because they think it will give them the same high pot does then people like you would most likely he out of a job.weak.

  3. HI All,
    My point is this: I believe what Lauren is saying but the whole reason that Marijuana is the Gateway Drug is because of who is selling it! I would also like to challenge her to ask addicts if in fact Tobacco or Alcohol were ACTUALLY the first drugs that were used. Those are two very powerful drugs that are very difficult to quit and yet are NOT considered drugs at all!

    I feel that when people are buying pot from dealers since it is illegal as heroin the people who sell the really hard stuff are the ones interested in moving the people all the way up the line to the really profitable stuff and of course they do that by lacing joints with PCP and Heroin and then throw in some ecstasy and then meth and then they got regular customers. If there would even be the slightest test to see how many people actually smoke pot and have for years and years and don’t do anything beyond that besides a couple cocktails every now and then I think that there would be a different picture. Of course this information is never going to come to light because people don’t want to get busted.
    Alcohol Prohibition was based on the fact that everyone who took one drink was going to be a hopeless alcoholic. OF COURSE THAT IS NOT true. Tobacco actually causes more health costs than any other drug and is the most deadly, yet people are allowed to go on ruining their own health as well as their children’s with second hand smoke.
    TIME TO GROW UP! Addicts are addicts pure and simple and they will become addicts even if there are no drugs available except cough syrup and no doze. Stop painting everyone with the same broad brush.
    Happy 420!
    Bobbie D
    I survived College and went on to create my own business, raise a High IQ Child who graduates Harvard this year.

  4. I am afrai I have to disagree with you Lauren.Most of what you say is true and correct except the part about the first gateway drug. I am absolutely positive it was not weed. All things considered, culture, social atmosphere, I would have to say it was alcohol. Being socially accepted and abundant. I am also positive nobody will bring this to bare anymore than it already has. When you consider alcohol is responsible for:
    For being a gateway drug
    All of the DWI’s some with death resulting
    lost work time
    pot, I think is a very much milder drug.
    I dont believe Delaware is any different than anywhere else
    the inmates agree it was alcohol.

  5. “…I smoked more than my share of pot…”

    That explains a lot.

    “…anybody my age who did not try pot in college is either hopelessly out of touch or a liar…”

    What an elitist snob this guy is.

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