Fired After Donating a Kidney: Fire the boss!

You know me. I don’t do a regular “Worst Person in the World” segment. But, if I did, today’s worst person in the world would have to be Jacqueline Brucia.

Brucia, CEO of Long Island’s Atlantic Automotive Group, was suffering from kidney failure. She was on the waiting list for a new kidney when Deborah Stevens, one of her employees, volunteered to donate hers.

Stevens did, in fact, have an operation and donate her kidney. And, while it turned out not to be a good match for her boss, Brucia was able to use it to bounce to the top of the list by trading her donated kidney for another one.

And what was her way of saying thank you to Debbie Stevens?

She fired her!

Yes, when Stevens, still having troubles recovering from her surgery, went home from work one day, Brucia called her, chewed her out – and fired her on the spot.

Her message to Deborah Stephens was, in effect: I’ve already got your kidney. Why do I need the rest of you around anymore?

Sounds like what Jacqueline Brucia really needed – was a heart transplant!

That’s my parting shot for today.

6 Responses to Fired After Donating a Kidney: Fire the boss!

  1. My Mom always says: “No good deed goes unpunished.”
    In this instance, it proved to be true.

    * I appreciate hearing your sound, clear-headed, and fair-minded
    comments on your radio show in the mornings.

  2. In your world Bill, you would ‘spread the kidneys around’ and have forced Debbie to give hers up for transplant. It really sucks that Debbie was treated so poorly, but at least she had a choice to donate (or not).

  3. More like the CEO needs a heart implant instead of transplant. Talk about an ingrate one percenter. The CEO could probably afford an in office dialysis machine so she works while getting her blood purified. This is a cautionary tale of sucking to to a boss and the gratitude from their centrifugal pump “hearts”. I guess this boss is going to vote for Mitt Romney, who enjoys firing people too. As remorseless as a drunk throwing out an empty beer bottle.

  4. Bill, I read the article about this and found some rather disturbing issues concerning Ms.Stevens donating her kidney. One is she seems to think that Brucia was “grooming” her for a future donation. I don’t think anyone can be “groomed” to give up a body part, unless they are brainwashed or expecting compensation. Another is thru her lawyer she states “she experienced damage to nerves in her leg, digestive problems and mental health issues.” What kind of incompetent Urologist performed her operation? With her littany of complaints it bears examination if she was fit enough to make such a serious decision. The article also says she missed days of work, not just calling in sick one day. I know sometimes CEO’s deserve some of the scorn heaped on them, but in this case Bill, it looks like Ms.Stevens has an agenda. She’s made some bad life choices and now she wants the auto company to pay for them.

  5. There will always be room for her in the new republican party. The sooner you all figure out you’re all peasants the easier this will be. “Privatizing” peasant body parts the next new thing.

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