Forget Romney’s High School Record; Plenty Of Other Reasons Not To Vote For Him

Were you the perfect student in high school?

Well, now we know Mitt Romney wasn’t. But, guess what? Neither was I.

The Washington Post is out with a giant expose about pranks carried out by young Mr. Romney at the exclusive Cranbrook School – including taunting, tackling and cutting the hair of a closeted-gay classmate.

Now, you know me. I’m no fan of Mitt Romney’s. But, on this one, I’ll give him a pass.

I’d hate to have anyone judge me on the stupid things I did in high school. Mitt Romney should no more be held responsible for hazing fellow students in high school than Barack Obama should be held responsible for eating dog as a six-year old in Indonesia.

Why did the Post waste time on this anyway? Is this supposed to be the next Watergate?

All you need to know about Mitt Romney is: He wants to give millionaires another tax cut. He’s anti-workers rights, women’s rights and gay rights. He wants to end Medicare and Social Security. He’s anti-choice and anti-same-sex marriage. He wants to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That’s reason enough to vote against him. Leave his high school years out of it.

That’s my parting shot for today.

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  1. You forget the victim in Romney’s teen age prank. Cruelty at any age is not to be tolerated – particularily when one is running for the position of POTUS.

  2. I am so tired of Democrats accusing Republicans of wanting to do away with Social Security and Medicare. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS – IT IS NOTHING BUT A SCARE TACTIC BY DEMOCRATS!!!! Because Social Security and Medicare as currently structured will at some future time go broke, Republicans are trying to restructured these programs so that they will be around indefinitely for all of us.

  3. Bill, I know you are receiving a lot of heat on this one. Specially from the thousands of families who have children being bullied every day, if not for the thousands more which have been bullied themselves. While it might be true that most of us did stupid things in H.S., most of these did not include assault, which this incident clearly was.
    It may also be true that not all young bullies grow up to be old bullies. However there is a big difference here. For most “blue collar” bullies, the bullies either stops once they leave H.S. because out in the real world, they realize they are losers, or the bullying stops because someone somewhere finally stands up to them. If you ever bullied or made fun of anyone Mr. Press, i would bet you it happened mostly because of peer pressure, and not because you were the Ring Leader.In Romney’s case, he was the Governor’s Son! A millionaire! You could add to that spoiled brat millionaire…He clearly was THE Ring Leader.
    And the kids who participated with him are talking about it now ? They were probably as intimidated as the victim. Again, we are talking about the freakin’ Governors Son!
    Fact is, nobody has stood up to Mitt Romney. He has had an easy unchallenged and entitled life. And now he feels entitled to the Presidency.
    Let there be no doubt this is pathological behavior. Mitt Romney has displayed distinct sociopath tendencies. Throughout his life it seems he is incapable of accepting things which are different from how he thinks they should be. In Michigan, the trees are “the right height”.
    The victim, it seems did not have the “right lenght of hair.”
    Bain Capital was just the business manifestation of this behavior. The total abuse of individual without regard for consequences.

    Please Mr Press, I do hope you read this and rethink your position on this incident, as it does not deserves a pass.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding? If you acted like Romney did in high school or ever , you , like he, should be ashamed. I hope you’ve reconsidered yesterday’s parting shot.

  5. Usually when Bill thinks some controversy should be dropped, the reason is that something far worse lurks in his background (or some liberal) that he doesn’t want to get out.

  6. Brewster, You mean like shoving a girl like Obama claims he did.

    Luis (and the rest of you libs). “clearly the ringleader”???? You mean to tell us you were there? What a useful idiot you are! Details were vague and conflicting at best. Looks like another ride on the looney liberal merry-go-round to me. Honesty starts with yourself. If you have to spin everything into a lie why would you expect others to not lie to you. Think about that while you are listening to your dopey leaders like Press and Hartman. Even your best liars are so transparent it’s amazing that even you believe them.
    That’s my parting shot for today

  7. Which is worse – cutting some guy’s hair (which eventually grows back), or smoking lots of weed and doing blow?

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