Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today’s Hot Topics

  • Obama campaign targets Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital record
  • Facebook co-founder dodges taxes; hailed as an ‘American Hero’ by right-wingers
  • “Gaylo” controversial Newsweek cover


  • National Journal Economics Correspondent Jim Tankersley will discuss JP Morgan Chase’s latest troubles, including the CIO ‘retiring’ and yesterday’s stock market drop Web|Twitter
  • Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher joins Bill live in studio to discuss the latest on White House media coverage Web|Twitter
  • Think Progress Editor-in-Chief Faiz Shakir joins Bill live in studio for the final time before leaving TP, as he gets set to head to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office Web|Twitter
  • Bloomberg White House Correspondent Margaret Talev joins Bill in studio as a “Friend of Bill” to co-host the third hour of the show Web|Twitter
  • Politico Media Reporter Dylan Byers joins Bill and Margaret to talk about Newsweek’s “Gaylo” cover Web|Twitter

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One Response to Tuesday, May 15, 2012

  1. 1. if you emptied your bank account to back a horse your FDIC backup wouldn’t kick in, but for the big banks that’s how it works…when they use your money to back a bad bat, the FDIC will fix it so that you don’t lose that money, so the bank if off the hook…as you just said, but

    2. if the banks really falter and the government has to bail them out it is still, by another route, your money.


    the caller on now, 6:52, has it right, the man from the boy who assaulted and unlawfully restrained (felones both) a schoolmate is still at it: not only has be becme an eco-bully but his silence when his latter-day posse booed the gay soldier (which, as we say of the ww2 era bystanders who let stuff happen) amounts to condoning the behavior and, of course tossing his gay staffer under the campaign bus becasue he refused to ride in a box on top of it are more knoets in the very same thread…so, yeah, he has to be held accountable today for the yesterdays (way past pranks and “dumb stuff”) that shape his behavior now, despite his waldheimlich manuver

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