The Catholic Church is Failing Women

You’ve heard about the war on women. Well, fasten your seat belts. Get ready for the war on religion. So they claim.

Yesterday, over 40 Catholic organizations and dioceses – led by New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl – actually sued the Obama administration. Their complaint? That guaranteeing all American women access to birth control as part of their basic health insurance violates the religious freedom of the Catholic Church.

And they are dead wrong. In fact, they’re insane!

How does providing access to birth control interfere with the Catholic Church? It doesn’t force birth control on anybody. It doesn’t require anybody to use birth control. It doesn’t require churches to hand out pills at the communion rail.

Here’s what’s going on. The Catholic Church has failed to make Catholics believe that using birth control is a sin. Ninety-eight percent of Catholic women use birth control. The Catholic Church has failed – so now it wants the government to step in and make the pill unavailable.

Well, that’s not going to happen. The government’s job is to protect women’s health – and not to enforce some stupid, medieval, backwards thinking about birth control.

That’s my parting shot for today.

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  1. Re: Bishops and the pill, I disagree that there are no religious freedoms being violated.
    What about the religious rights of the EMPLOYEES?!?

    I mean, really! How can an employer legally dictate the religious practices of it’s employees?

    All affected employees should file a class action suit against these bishops.

  2. Uhh Bill, they already have access. The church only wants a say in what they are forced to pay for. Think of it as being akin to the ‘protection’ payments that had to be made to mobsters. Here the merchant is the Catholic Church and Obama and his thugs are the mobsters.

  3. “so now it wants the government to step in and make the pill unavailable” You guys are unbelievable! You’re worse than Rush. Nobody has said that birth control shouldn’t be available. The question is, why should I have to pay for somebody else’s birth control through increased taxes or insurance premiums? I would be willing to bet that most of the people who think they need free birth control spend more at starbucks each month then they do on BC. The only war on women is the one you’re fabricating.

  4. Please, Bill, do you really think we’re that stupid? Goverment-sponsored birth control has nothing to do with helping women and everything to do with creating dependency on government, remember “The Life of Julia” video? Pretty scary stuff. And you say “The government’s job is to protect women’s health” – where exactly is that in the Constitution???

  5. Not only should OhBunmmer care be dumped, all these stupid mandatory no/low copay add-ons to health insurance should be dropped.

    I really don’t care that my insurance has to cover breast reconstruction since the odds I’ll need it are below my threshold of risk adversity. Why should I be forced to pay for something I don’t want?

    Insurance should be more a la carte, I pick the things I want given to me ‘free’ and I pay the increased premiums (not so free eh?). Those people who think no-copay, freebies should be a part of health insurance can pay the increased costs themselves and hopefully learn that nothing is free.

  6. The (take yer pik of catholi franchise name/copr. Etc) Vatican nation? Made out like bandits for centuries…
    Well revoke the vati’s diplomat satus and investigate how it got away w so many terrible things.
    Sheesh why was the vati calling out the USA in Cuba? Even on today the story of nature activist off costarica
    . U cannot be in gov in cost rica unless catholic. Nuts~

  7. How do you even begin to respond to Bills rubbish??? He just keeps getting more looney everyday. I really think the libs are so desperate they have become totally unhinged and are speaking nothing more than incoherent gibberish. Lets see the next dazzling comment from the wacky left. I bet we won’t be disappointed.
    That’s my parting shot for the day.

  8. The measure is for Catholic institutions who employ non Catholics. Catholics are taking rights away rights of us Non Catholics by forcing their religious beliefs upon us. So you conservatives need to STFU. If You only employ other Catholics you’re exempt. Besides that Obama is getting the insurance companies to pay for it. It’s cost effective for insurance companies because they don’t have to pay for unwanted pregnancies.

  9. And exactly what right is the Catholic church taking away from us non Catholics oldman? As far as making the insurance companies pay for it do you really believe they are just going to eat the cost or do you think they’ll pass it on to those of us who pay for insurance with higher premiums? Maybe you all on the left should STFU until you get a grasp on reality.

  10. Here we go, dont the Catholic Church have more pressing things to sue for. how about the treatment of the poor in this country, how about homsexuality among its Priest , how about the thousands of immigrants that were deported after we used them for slave labor. this is idiotic. damn if you do and damn if you dont. they dont want you to have any contraceptives, but if you get pregnant you have to keep and maintaim it without any help from the Church or Federal Govt. lets take a poll how many Catholicwomen are on some sort of birth control? anybody?

  11. Jeff 1967 and that is why we need more regultaions. and beside we gave the insurance companies 30,000,000 new customers. insurance companies have the run of this country. bring back the individual mandate.

  12. Jeff Allen, the point is why should I have to pay for someone elses contraceptive? If a woman (or man)is deemed to be responsible for her (or his) body why are they not responsible for purchasing their own contraceptive? After all, I thought the government was supposed to stay out of womans body and she could make her own decisions about it? If she can make her own decisions about her body should she not be the one to deal with the consequences of those decisions? As far as I’m concerned the choice to have sex, use or not to use contraception, to abort or not to abort, are between the woman and man involved. So are all the cost. If some portion of our tax dollars or insurance dollars goes to provide them free service then we should get a say in their decision. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  13. It amazes me that the left loves to trample on freedoms while telling us that it is in our best interest. Does “1984” conjur up any images? The church has been around a long time and will be around long after the USA is gone. It is not a war on women as the left would have you believe. The church should not have to provide insurance that covers birth control, the morning after pill or abortion services; all issues that fly in the face of what the church holds dear– Pro Life!! Whether a woman in the church uses birth control is betwee her and God, but the church should not have to provide insurance that pays for that birth control any more than it should have to pay for insurance that provides abortion services. Get a grip, Mr. Press and try looking at the other side of the issue while drinking your kool aid. That’s my parting shot.

  14. “The Catholic Church has failed to make Catholics believe that using birth control is a sin. Ninety-eight percent of Catholic women use birth control.”
    Actually, what it means is that 98% of Catholic women who used artificial contraception committed mortal sin by doing so, if they knew it was a mortal sin and they chose to do so anyway. Whether or not Catholics believe something is a sin is immaterial to whether or not it actually is. The Ten Commandments don’t change with contemporary fads or whims.

  15. I’m not sure where the 98% figure comes from, but what you say is true about sin. That is not the point here. The point is that the Obama administration is trying to require the Catholic Church to provide insurance coverage which pays for contraception and abortion services which is against the Church’s long held doctrine. The Constitution provides for separation and Obama is violating that provision.

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