Friday, May 25, 2012

Today’s Hot Topics

  • New questions about George Zimmerman’s relationship with the Sanford, FL police department
  • Newt Gingrich likes zoo animals
  • SpaceX rocket heads to the International Space Station


  • Former Ampad employee Randy Johnson joins the show to talk about losing his job after Bain took over and bankrupted that company
  • Newsweek/Daily Beast White House Correspondent Daniel Stone joins Bill live in studio as a “Friend of Bill” to co-host the second hour of the show Web|Twitter
  • The Atlantic Senior Editor Derek Thompson joins Bill and Daniel in studio to talk about Facebook’s IPO problems, and Romney’s ties to Bain Capital Web|Twitter
  • NASA Commercial Spaceflight Development Director Phil McCallister will talk about SpaceX’s linking up with the International Space Station this morning
  • Bill’s Happy Hour: Need a good beer to drink this holiday weekend? Don’t miss our live beer tasting with Washington DC’s Belga Cafe’s Jay Traylor, sampling several different varieties Web|Twitter

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