John Boehner Needs to Lead Or Get Out Of The Way

Tell Speaker John Boehner that the American people have spoken – he needs to LEAD and accept the President and Secretary Geithner’s plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, or get out of the way and resign.

CALL the Speaker’s office – (202) 225-0600

Tweet at the Speaker –

Get to him on Facebook –

102 Responses to John Boehner Needs to Lead Or Get Out Of The Way

  1. I will match alternet facts with yours and fox’s facts any day. You dont have time to be on here anyway.You need to get out there and see if theres anything you can do to prop up your failing party, good luck with that. The truth you see is different than the truth ev1 else sees. You cant handle the truth. It always winds up as left wing BS. Which one of your 10 heroes would you give an award to?
    Its always the truth you deny. What part of the 10 above is incorrect? or biased.
    I’m sure faux news would prolly say that they are excellent businessmen. So who’s biased?
    Where did all of your fellow compatriots go?
    You must be the last one who hasnt been convinced that the publican party is screwing ev1 over royally.
    They know I’ve been more right than I have been wrong.

    *I’m bored with you, time to move on*
    As cognitive dissonance rears its ugly head again. The fox couldn’t reach the grapes, so, he said’ I didnt want them anyway.”

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