Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today’s Hot Topics

  • The GOP can’t help themselves. They’re attacking the President over his lifestyle. What BS!
  • There are some new gun laws in the state of Connecticut. Good for them!
  • Who are the “social conservatives?” How do they fit into their own party?


  • Think Progress Managing Editor Igor Volsky
  • National Journal Reporter Michael Catelini
  • Washington Post Express Local News Editor Clinton Yates 
  • Daily Beast Columnist Michael Tomasky
  • Politico Reporter James Hohmann
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One Response to Tuesday, April 2, 2013

  1. Sure, why not?

    While closing the White House to tours ‘because of cutbacks in Secret Service’, he goes traipsing around the country on our dime so he can play golf with Tiger Woods. The FLOTUS and Obama-spawn go on two vacations in a week to the Bahamas and Sun Valley. VP Biden goes on vacation number four after dumping $1million plus on high end hotels in England and France. If these public servants and their charges would just stay home, the burden placed on the Secret Service could more than cover for the cutbacks.
    I’m not saying they should never go on a vacation (with the appropriate SS protections), I’m just saying that while us ‘peons’ can only afford one or two getaways a year, maybe the anointed ones could keep it under one or two per month?

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