The Bill Press Show Joins Free Speech TV!

We are very happy to announce that we will be joining Free Speech TV’s lineup beginning September 3, 2013. We join several of the leading progressive voices on the channel like Thom Hartmann, Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, Openline News with Davey D and the David Pakman Show.

Want to know how to see the show? Free Speech TV is on DISH Network channel 9415 and DirecTV channel 348.  You can also stream the video from our website, and online at www.FREESPEECH.ORG. They’ll also stream at

Stay tuned to @bpshow and @FreeSpeechTV on Twitter for updates as we lead up to the start date. See you there!

3 Responses to The Bill Press Show Joins Free Speech TV!

  1. Sure wish Sirius XM would find a slot on one of the many talk (99% conservative) channels for you show in its entirety.

  2. It’ll be good to have a channel for the mental ward common room tv sets. The liberals can all stare and drool while Bill blathers and makes up lies.

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