Get Serious! Shut the Whole Thing Down!

As luck would have it, I had two interesting experiences last week: visiting my granddaughter’s kindergarten class; and watching Republicans in the House of Representatives deal with their constitutional responsibility to pass a budget. The two events were quite similar, with one big difference: the kindergartners behaved more like grown-ups than House Republicans did.

Thanks to the temper tantrum thrown by a handful of House Republicans, we are now deep in the middle of what President Obama deliberately, and accurately, calls a “Republican Shutdown,” which is unnecessary, reckless, irresponsible, dangerous, and childish for at least three reasons.

First, most members of the House don’t want to shut down the government. Everybody agrees that there are more than enough bipartisan votes to pass a clean, no-strings attached continuing budget resolution, if only Speaker Boehner would let the full House vote. But he refuses to do so. Instead, he’s allowed himself to be led around by a posse of tea party Republicans who came to Washington determined to shut down the government, and are using Obamacare as their excuse. They may only number 30 or 40, but there are enough of them to block a majority in the Republican caucus. And without that majority of the majority, the so-called “Hastert Rule,” Boehner won’t move forward for fear of losing his speakership. He’d rather put 800,000 federal employees out of a job, at least temporarily, than risk his own.

Second, for government to work at all, you just can’t keep re-fighting old battles. Republicans have already had three chances to kill the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. They opposed it in Congress, and they lost. They appealed it before the Supreme Court, and they lost. They took it to the American people in November 2012, with Mitt Romney as their champion, and they lost big time. Like it or not, as even Arizona Republican Senator John McCain has pointed out, it’s time to move on. Obamacare is the law of the land. It’s here to stay. Of course, it’s not perfect. It can be amended, or improved, anytime — through the legislative process. But Republicans should not be able to kill or delay the Affordable Care Act as a price for passing a budget. No more than Democrats could have gotten away with refusing to adopt a budget unless George Bush abolished his tax cuts for the wealthy.

And besides, Obamacare is working! It’s been the law of the land for three years. Within its first year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2.5 million young people under the age of 26 signed up for coverage on their parents’ health care plan. Insurance companies can no longer deny children coverage because of a pre-existing condition, nor can they any longer dump policyholders because they develop a serious and costly illness. And, starting this week, Obamacare is only getting stronger as health care, for the first time, becomes available — at bargain rates — for 30 million Americans who do not receive health insurance through their jobs.

This, in fact, is what Republicans are so worried about: that so many millions of Americans will sign up for Obamacare, that it will prove so successful, they’ll never get rid of it. So, they’re trying to strangle and kill it now.

Finally, here’s what’s most outrageous about this so-called shutdown: Republicans aren’t shutting down the entire government. They’re only shutting down PART of the government. Republicans, in other words, want it both ways. They want a relatively painless shutdown. Yes, under their plan, 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed. But the post office will still deliver the mail. Air traffic controllers will monitor flights. TSA will screen your bags. Meat and poultry inspectors will keep your food safe. And our troops will still be fighting in Afghanistan.

Which is nonsense! If we’re really going to shut down the government, let’s shut the whole thing down. Starting with Congress. No paychecks for members of Congress. No Capital police on duty. No TSA. No air traffic controllers. No mail delivery. No Social Security or Medicare checks. No meat inspections. No FEMA clean-up after hurricanes or tornadoes. No Coast Guard rescues. No border guards. Shut it all down. No exceptions. Make it hurt. That’s the only way to show what a dangerous and monumentally stupid idea the “Republican Shutdown” is.

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  1. The legal reasoning behind having a conspiracy or not having a conspiracy is simple as long as there was no conspiracy the federal govt allows states to handle the investigation, but if there was evidence of a conspiracy then it’s a federal Investigation. Nobody in texas wanted a federal investigation. Lol! Not even the warren commission . Go figure.

  2. Referencing your 7:26 post. It was to clean. Not enough of the usual missy poor use of grammar. So I used this thing called google. If you cut and paste Missy’s 7:26 post it leads to a site called ‘above top secret’ which is…a conspiracy theory website. If you snoop around you can learn about all sorts of whacked out conspiracies, to include lizard like aliens living at some top secret complex in NM.
    You’ll also find verbatim missys post at:
    So let me get this right missy. You go to a conspiracy theory website to steal someone else’s reasoning as to why they aren’t a conspiracy theorist and use it as your own? What, can’t tell us in your our own words how you really feel?
    Here’s a hint, if you want to convince people you’re not a conspiracy nut job, don’t steal quotes from a site frequented by conspiracy nut jobs like you.
    Once again all you do is make accusations. You haven’t presented a shred of evidence to support your looney tune theories. Where’s the picture? Who did it? How did they bring the towers down if not with 275000 lb jets? Heck, you can’t even explain in your own words why you think you’re not crazy, you have to use someone else’s. You really are powerless in your own life aren’t you.

  3. ‘It is not my hobby to believe in conspiracy theories.’
    If it’s not your hobby then we would have to assume its your full time occupation
    If you’re not a conspiracy theorist what were you doing trolling around on ‘ATS’? Or are you member.

  4. Nope. Not at that link.
    So your defense is ‘I didn’t steal somebody else’s thoughts and portray them as my own from that conspiracy site, I stole them from this conspiracy site.’
    I applaud your idiocy, it has no bounds.

  5. Hmmmm….. Steal from someone and then give it to someone else as if it was their own…..The liberal way.

    Thanks once again Emile for confirming our point again and again and again and again and again….

  6. There is no longer any doubt that building 7 was destroyed by explosives and not falling debris or fire. This is video proof of a destroyed building 7 (in fact a destroyed Barclay ave) before the towers collapsed.

    Before the towers collapsed.

  7. Try posting the video…and this picture of oswald with shaw while you’re at it.

    “There is no longer any doubt that building 7 was destroyed by explosives and not falling debris or fire. This is video proof of a destroyed building 7 (in fact a destroyed Barclay ave) before the towers collapsed.”

    Watch the video of WTC 7 collapse. See anything missing around it? Like two really tall buildings that used to be there? Notice the time stamps? Notice the sun angle coming from the WEST?

    video taken after the collapse of the towers. Notice the building with all the smoke coming out of it? Thats WTC 7. Notice it’s still standing?

    Barclay Ave is on Staten Island, Barclay St is in NY. Facts matter!

  8. Still can’t tell us exactly where you stole that persons post from? It only shows up on ATS. You’re a member there aren’t you?

  9. Oswald said he was with Shelley , not shaw.
    If you think it’s all crap why do you keep digging?
    Shaw must have done something or had some evidence against him to be charge and wind up in court? Or maybe they just numbers out of a hat.

    Here’s a clearinghouse of JFK info, go find your own picture.

  10. What exactly does your video prove? It shows debris from the fallen towers on the street and a bldg 7 badly damaged and on fire from the collapse of said towers. Nothing more.

    “If you think it’s all crap why do you keep digging?” You’ve me claims and unfounded accusations. I want to see if you have the capability to support them. So far you don’t.
    My mistake, you did say Shelley. Problem is Shelley said it was Lovelady with him, not Oswald. Oswald said he was in the cafeteria, not the doorway. Still waiting for a picture. And if its the typical one your source the HSCA said it was lovelady not Oswald.

    Your buddy crazy Jim accused which is enough said. As for evidence? Obviously not much as the jury only took 54 minutes to find him INNOCENT of crazy Jim’s charges.

  11. No dust on the cars or flags. How did they do that? All car windows blown out, and no dust. No tower dust.

    It wasn’t lovelady, the photo was doctored, proven doctored. Do I need to hold your hand and take you to see the evidence? If you’re happy with the warren report, then, there is no other evidence. All bullshit and missed busses.
    … And they ain’t gonna learn what they don’t wanna know.

  12. Tell why would the owner of building seven say it was demolished. John Silverstein said on video his plan was to pull it. A jargon for demolish it. Not planes ,not fires, not magic, not wind, it fell the same way every other demo has if you want evidence, go look. Ask the demo crew what was used. Be a little more curious in life. There really is more to life than the warren report and the 9/11 commission report.
    Fire has never brought down a building, as temperatures go, what were the temperatures of the building parts farthest from the flames? Like in the corners?
    Metal would get hot enough to bend at point zero but fifty floors from that what would the temp. Be? Would the building need to be a glowing red inferno?
    Things were not burned to that extent.

    How’s your pal RAFAEL making out, still holding the line?

  13. Tell you what. Go take a physics class or two and come back and talk, at this point you just sound like and idiot who hates her country.

    Why so racist? Don’t like it when minorities stand up for what they believe in? Face it that’s the only reason you dont like Cruz.

    The owner of 7 said he was going to pull it because he was told it was going to collapse. I remember the interview.

  14. It was going to collapse?? From what?. I tell you what, you tell where you had YOUR physics class so I can make sure not to go there.
    So, who pulled it?? A demo crew must gave gotten paid by someone. Has any of these physics majors thot to ask the demo crew what brought down a building that looked just like 2 other buildings on the very same day??
    While were the physics thing, you know there were no pancaked floors, right? How does fire turn everything to powder without burning it first?
    I think you should get your money back for that physics class too.

  15. “Fire has never brought down a building, as temperatures go, what were the temperatures of the building parts farthest from the flames? Like in the corners?
    Metal would get hot enough to bend at point zero but fifty floors from that what would the temp. Be? Would the building need to be a glowing red inferno?
    Things were not burned to that extent”
    You only need one floor to fail then the whole building will collapse. Doesn’t matter what the temperature was 50 floors from the fire. You obvioulsy have no understanding of engineering either.
    “While were the physics thing, you know there were no pancaked floors, right? How does fire turn everything to powder without burning it first?” That fact of the matter is that each floor is designed to carry it’s weight plus approximately 30% (vertical loads and occupants), not the weight of all the floors above it. Therefore if one floor fails due to weakened structure (757 impact and 6 tons of fuel burning (which had the equivalent energy of a half kiloton nuclear bomb)), the floor below will now have it’s load capacity exceeded by 100%. That’s accounts only for the floor above it. In the case of WTC it was actually 14 floors or over 1000% it’s design load in one case and 34 floors or over 3000% it’s design load. Go exceed the design load in a two story house by 1000% and see what happens.
    Take a look at pictures of the WTC while they are collapsing. See all the dust and debris in the air. You want to say it was a planned demolition? Ok. Show me a planned demolition that looks like that. You also then need to answer the question of where and how did they hide miles of det cord without a single individual noticing it? It also would take months with a gutted unoccupied building to place all the charges working in the daylight. If they had to do it only at night, without workers in the building noticing them, and having to conceal the charges, det cord, and make repairs to the drywall and paint EVERY night to cover their presence it would have taken years. Which would mean Clinton did it.

    “So, who pulled it?? A demo crew must gave gotten paid by someone.” So bring them forward? This is your claim so present the evidence. My evidence is WTC suffered severe structural damage from the collapse of a 110 story building directly across the street with ensuing fire.
    And yes fire has brought buildings down before. Again, show us a modern day 110 story skyscraper that has been hit by a 757 and remained standing? So far you have presented nothing but conjecture.

    “It wasn’t lovelady, the photo was doctored, proven doctored” Ok. Have you seen the undoctored photo? If not how do you know?
    It’s sad that you need these crazy conspiracies to justify your existence. Just look in the mirror, you only have yourself to blame.

  16. Nano-Thermite and Nano-thermate.
    Would cause the pools of molten metal seen in the basement glowing red for days. And tested positive for thermates and thermites.

  17. There was no thermite. It was bad science. They also said they found 10 tons of unexploded thermite. That would meant here was at least twice that before the fall. How exactly does one hide 20+ tons of explosive along with detonating devices and not one of the 15000 employees in each building noticed?
    You claimed it was a demo crew who got paid. Should be pretty simple to solve as there aren’t that many of them. Solve it missy, maybe you could get Nobel.

    You either need a bigger computer screen or better glasses if you think those explosions are similar. Of course to a moron they probably do look the same but there are some very distinct differences. Starting with the very obvious explosions BEFORE the buildings collapse that aren’t present in any WTC building.

    I essence to make your theory work you need thousands of people involved who are willing to kill innocent civillians, 20+ tons of a as yet to be invented supposedly super top secret explosive that is secretly placed in three buildings unnoticed by 45000+ occupants and miles of DET cord (radio wouldn’t allow for the degree of controlled and precisely timed explosions needed) that also went unnoticed.

    Yeah. That’s much more believable than thinking that some terrorist from a part of the world and a member of a religion who voluntarily strap bombs to their chest in order to blow up a school bus full of children just because they don’t like their religion did it. Oh yeah. they also took credit for it

    You’re insane.

  18. You think I’m insane , you should take a good look at who you think you’re protecting.
    Could one of your estimated prophets give the odds on 3 buildings , on the same block, all collapsing into dust , on the same day?
    To believe that is……….insane.

    You’ll defend these people, but not the President of the United States?

  19. I guess you didn’t see the part that had two 757s flown by terrorist into two of the buildings. I notice you avoid answering how they hid all that explosive and det cord. Should we call that an inconvenient truth you don’t want to deal with?

    It ‘s sad that you’ll accuse your fellow Americans of this becuase of your hatred of their politics. In so doing you defend the likes bin Laden.

    You and Alex Jones have so many things in common.

  20. not my fellow americans, theyre your people, the ones youre defending all the time.

    well, by golly, look who was in charge of security on the towers,another bush, billy bob, I think.

  21. Demo buildings all have the same thing in common and that is the little kink you see topmost in the middle, a little notch that starts the whole thing.

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